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The Way Of All Flesh (1927) Review | Jamie Daily

The Way of All Flesh (1927)
1st Academy Awards 1929
Won Best Actor (Emil Jannings)


“The Way of All Flesh” is considered a lost film.  I was wondering if this was going to happen, but more in the sense that would be unable to locate a film, not that no one would be able to locate a film, especially an award winner.  Apparently, there are only a few minutes of footage in existence, and I could not locate those either.  If anyone can find them or knows where I can find them, I would greatly appreciate it.


The protocol for this, I suppose, is for me to research the film and describe what is known about it, although obviously I will now never be able to watch every film ever nominated.


From the reviews that I have read, the synopsis is very sad.  Jannings plays a character who is a bank clerk who gets caught up in an incredible amount of unfortunate happenings.  He is transporting money to Chicago when a gorgeous blonde woman seduces him and brings him to a saloon.  When he wakes, the money is gone.  The woman and the owner of the saloon drag him to the train station and mug him.  Jannings, however, fights  back and pushes the saloon owner in front of an oncoming train.  In fear, he flees, but later finds out the saloon owner’s body was mistaken as his own.  He continues living for twenty years as a trash collector, but eventually finds his way back to his family.  His son is a talented musician who never knows that the bedraggled man is his father.

According to Wikipedia, “The movie was remade in 1940” but was not very faithful to the original.


Hopefully I won’t run into too many more lost films.


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