1st Academy Awards (1929)

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1st Academy Awards, 1929



Art Direction


Directing (Comedy Picture)

Directing (Dramatic Picture)

Engineering Effects

  • Ralph Hammeras
  • Roy Pomeroy “Wings”
  • Nugent Slaughter

Outstanding Picture

Unique and Artistic Picture

  • Fox “Sunrise”
  • Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer “The Crowd”
  • Paramount Famous Lasky “Chang”

Writing (Adaptation)

Writing (Original Story)



7th Heaven (1927)

A Ship Comes In (1928)

Devil Dancer, The (1927)

Dove, The (1927)

Last Command, The (1928)

Magic Flame, The (1927)

Noose, The (1928)

Patent Leather Kid, The (1927)

Sadie Thompson (1928)

Speedy (1928)

Street Angel (1928)

Sunrise (1927)

Tempest (1928)

Two Arabian Knights (1927)

Way of All Flesh, The (1927)

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