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Blogging my way through the oscars, one nomination at a time.

Early in 2012, I decided I needed a new project–one that I could fall in love with. After watching the Academy Awards in February, I realized the answer had been staring me in the face for some time. I was a media communications major in college, focusing on film, and have spent innumerable hours of my life watching movies, both in and out of the classroom. After discovering how few of the academy nominated films I had seen from that year, I decided that I should watch all of them… but my curiosity did not stop there. I could blog about the movies from the 84th annual awards, and then next year the 85th… but what about all of the films from years one through eighty-three? How could I understand the history of cinematic brilliance if I didn’t start at the very beginning of the awards? It isn’t enough for me to watch the winners–every single film that is nominated deserves equal attention.


Where are we now?
86th (2014)
85th (2013)
50th (1978)
1st (1929)

Where have we been?
84th (2012)







I have my BA in Media Communications from Trinity Western University.
I have a love-hate relationship with velociraptors.
I can only raise my left eyebrow.
I have lived in five states and two countries.
I want to be a documentary film editor.
I am a Christian.


Favourite movies: Jurassic Park, and in a close second, Titanic.







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