Puss In Boots (2011) Review | Jamie Daily

Puss In Boots (2011)
84th Academy Awards 2012
2/5 Stars
Nominated for 1 award.
Nominated for Best Animated Feature Film (Chris Miller).
Watched January 29, 2013.


Puss In Boots had the potential to be the Zorro for kids and a great family movie that everyone could enjoy.  The classic character from the successful Shrek films was fabulous as a secondary character, but when placed in a leading role, his charms run thin and the depth of his character is questionable.


Puss borrows the theme of fairytale creatures from Shrek and puts its own spin on it.  Puss grew up in an orphanage where he was friends with Humpty Dumpty, an evil mastermind in the making.  They dream of one day finding the magic beans of legend and climbing the bean stalk to find a golden egg.  Things go awry, however, when Puss saves the Comandante‘s mother and suddenly becomes the town hero.  Friend turns on friend and once Humpty forces Puss to become a fugitive, things will never be the same.  Years later, Humpty finds Puss again and through some genius tactics and a gorgeous feline sidekick, he pulls him back into the dream of chasing those golden goose eggs.


Every character has the potential of being heroic, deep, and screen worthy.  Perhaps the writers held back because it was a kids movie, or perhaps their ideas did not translate well into reality, because every character and plot line fell short.  Humpty was the only character who came close to his full potential.  At the same time, the motivation seems forced, the circumstances unreal, and some scenes are so out of place it completely throws off the balance and pacing of the film.  For example, within the first few scenes, Puss and his feline counterpart Kitty Softpaws have a dance off in an underground cat bar.  The circumstances, dance off, and bar itself seemed so out of place and unreal that it was astonishing the script even got funded.


The rest of the movie is fairly entertaining and held my attention pretty well.  There was a bit of meandering and some unnecessary action, but all in all it went over well.  The ending was obvious, but perhaps this made it rewarding.  It seems as if the character of Puss was not able to maintain being the main character.  Unlike his compared human likeness, Zorro, his stereotypical Latin personality traits get old a little fast, but still tend to amuse.  The humor is definitely more childish than what one might find in Shrek.


The animation, was of course, lovely.  I am always a fan of an animator capturing the giant eyes of an animal and how we all fall under their spell.  There was a great use of lighting and texture, and again, I really enjoyed how they brought so many more fairytale creatures to life in a new and unique way.


All in all, it might be a good movie for the kiddos, but I’m not such a big fan.  I wouldn’t exactly seek out this film to see it again.

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