Happy Holidays, Happy Christmas!

[This was originally posted on December 2, 2012 at 4:10 pm.]

Hi Oscarites!  Long time no see!

Hubby and I are back from the honeymoon!  We took a cruise on the Mexican Riviera and had a great time, but I was a little seasick the whole time, so that was pretty lame.  Now that we’re back home we are going to be without internet for a while at our apartment, so I’ve decided to spend most of the holidays just enjoying being a newlywed and adjusting to it instead of stressing about keeping up with my blog schedule.

Once I get internet, I will rearrange my schedule and let you all know what is up.  I may post a few reviews before Christmas, but for the most part things will be pretty tame.  I will definitely be gearing up to try to finish the 84th Academy Awards by the end of February so don’t worry!  You can count on me to get back to it!

That being said, I have been very pleased and grateful that you all have continued to read and view my blog and Facebook page during my time off!  Thank you so much for everything and I will be back soon!

Enjoy the Holidays and I hope you all get a chance to spend some quality time with your family and friends!  Christmas is my favourite time of year so setting up a new home during this time is both a blessing and a curse!

Love you all, I will see you soon!

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