Bridesmaids (2011) Review | Jamie Daily

Bridesmaids (2011)
84th Academy Awards 2012
3/5 Stars
Nominated for 2 awards.
Nominated for Supporting Actress (Melissa McCarthy) and Writing-Original (Annie MumoloKristen Wiig)
Watched November 4, 2012.


The time has come and now the world knows it–women can, in fact, be funny.  Not only that, but they can be funny in exactly the same way that men can be.  This Hangover for women is a romantic comedy completely different from what we have become conditioned to.  There is little dependency on man, and an incredibly realistic representation of the absolute chaos, jealousy, and selfishness that comes with being a bridesmaid.


Granted, not everyone has a bad experience being a bridesmaid.  I myself have had three very good experiences.  However, one cannot deny the cost, the jealousy, the attempts at being selfless for the bride, and the semi-awkward moments with the fellow bridesmaids who the only thing you have in common with is the bride.  Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo do a very good job at bringing comedic reality to the American women–something realistic, although extreme, and something that does not have the main character falling apart because she doesn’t have a man.


Annie Walker (Wiig) has been friends with Lillian (Maya Rudolph) since childhood, and even though they have been a little distant lately, Lillian still has no hesitations in asking Annie to be her Maid of Honor after she and her significant other, Dougie (Tim Heidecker) get engaged.  Annie, who is going through a personal crisis after losing all of her money in a failed business as well as a failed relationship, is ecstatic and panicked at the same time.  On the one hand, this is what girls dream and talk about their entire lives–weddings.  On the other hand, she experiences extreme jealousy, not necessarily of Lillians engagement, but of her fiancé who gets the privilege of taking her best friend away from her.

Annie’s first encounter with the other bridesmaids is at the engagement party, where she immediately realizes she is out of her league.  Lillian’s cousin Rita (Wendi McLendon-Covey) is a married mother whose disgust for men is spilling out of her over-tight dress, Becca (Ellie Kemper) is a naive newlywed, Megan (Melissa McCarthy) is Dougie’s extreme tom boy sister, and most auspicious of all is Helen (Rose Byrne), the wealthy, perfect, jealous, mega planner of a nemesis.  It is immediately clear than she is out for Lillian’s hand in best friendom.


There is a bit of romance for Annie in the film, in the unlikely and completely precious form of Officer Rhodes (Chris O’Dowd), but the state of her life and her selfish preoccupation because of it means that she barely even notices what she has standing in front of her.  Her hate for Helen, her money stresses, job problems, and incredibly invasive and weird roommates distract her from the silver lining and amazing support she really needs.


Through food poisoning, disastrous plane flights, and even a missing person, Bridesmaids has its share of serious moments among the hilarious, as well as the disgusting.  The story line follows a typical pattern at its most basic level, but the way in which is gets there is quite well done.  Both nominations definitely seem deserved, although I would have loved if McCarthy could once again be depicted as the beautiful person she was in Gilmore Girls for seven years.


If you have a stomach for the R rated humor of today’s generation, I would encourage you to see this film.  It is hilarious, it takes its characters to the extremes of reality, and at times makes you wish you were somewhere else because it is just that gross.  A fan of Hangover should certainly enjoy this film, and can definitely point out the similarities to you.

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