Time Freak (2011) Review | Jamie Daily


Time Freak (2011)
84th Academy Awards
3/5 Stars
Nominated for 1 award.
Nominated for Best Live Action Short Film (Andrew Bowler, Gigi Causey)
Watched October 21, 2012.


A fairly well done short, Time Freak is a breath of fresh air in the form of comedy amongst its fellow nominees.  Unlike The Shore, it has good timing and a consistent story that answers an age old question about time travel.


A college scientist has done it!  Stillman (Michael Nathanson) has successfully invented a time machine!  When his roommate and best friend Evan (John Conor Brooke) searches him out after not hearing from him in three days, Stillman tells his whole tale.  First he went to the dry cleaners to get his shirt, but the man behind the counter was a jerk and Stillman felt bad about how he treated him, so he went back in time to try and fix it (don’t worry, in Stillman’s story there are no paradoxes).  This begins his mourned back and forth trying repeatedly to fix the problems and minute details of yesterday.  Evan is understandably concerned and decides to take it into his own hands to fix the situation.


The acting is average, the cinematography is basic, and really there is little unique about its creation apart from the semi-clever story line.  This is certainly something that could be made into a feature if more plot twists were incorporated.  However, there was pretty good character development for only a 10 minute film.


All in all, if you have some time, this would be a good comedic short to search out.  But then again, if you have a time machine, you have all the time in the world.


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