The Bread Game (1977) Review | Jamie Daily

The Bread Game (1977)
50th Academy Awards 1978
5/5 Stars
Nominated for Short Animated Film (Ishu Patel).
Watched September 14, 2012.


Surprise!  A short film that is not being posted on Short Movie Monday!  What is this?!  Don’t feel gypped, this is a great little five minute short that I think you should all go watch right now!  It is stop motion animation, which is one of my absolute favorites.  It started out a little slowly and immediately I was rash and foolhardy and said, “Oh this is very simple, I could do this.  This might be a long five minutes.”  Don’t worry, though, I was quickly humbled and in awe of this colorful, intricate, statement piece.


It begins with small organisms, but you aren’t exactly sure what they are, only that they seem to be chasing each other around and morphing together, then separating into something different, and so on.  Suddenly the organisms become something more–small crustaceans and other ocean life that continue to chase each other and devour one another.  It quickly becomes apparent that this is a type of “circle of life” piece.  The animals progressively get larger and eventually become monkeys and then man.  Once man is introduced, it is no longer about consuming another animal, but about killing other men.  From Cane and Able, to Romans, and onward, it is a statement piece on war and men and humanity.  Animals, for the most part (unless you are a Velociraptor), kill for food and to sustain themselves.  Humans do not.


Ishu Patel’s use of color pallet and movement are amazing.  There is always motion and a stark contrast between the black background and the light, frolicking movements that represent death as well as life.  The music choice is also very fitting–very tribal and a bit chaotic.


Soure: IMDB



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