A Morning Stroll (2011) Review | Jamie Daily

A Morning Stroll (2011)
84th Academy Awards 2012
3/5 Stars
Nominated for Short Animated Film (Grant Orchard, Sue Goffe)
Watched September 19, 2012.


There is so much to say about this short, and yet I will say very little because so much would be given away!  That’s the trouble with shorts–7 minutes of film doesn’t give a lot of room for mystery in your review.


It is the story of a chicken, but is told from three different eras in three different animation styles.  The animation isn’t the best, especially when set next to something done by Pixar, but I enjoyed the change.  It begins in 1959 with black and white silent film style, accompanied by simple stick-figure-like animated characters that are fairly time appropriate.


Next is a longer sequence, perhaps emphasizing a move from the simple into the distracted and chaotic 2009.  Here we are introduced to carelessness, pointless video games, cell phone distraction, and lack of respect.


The last time we visit is 2059.  If you are wondering how the world will look forty-seven years from now, you will have to see this short, as I’m not going to mention anything except that it holds the best animation of the short.  However, it still falls a little flat and I am left in more appreciation of the classic simplicity of the 1959 animation.


There are a lot of laughs and somewhat unexpected turns, complete with a cute, cheesy ending that makes the entire film worth it.  It you can locate this one I definitely suggest you watch it.  I think that any generation will be able to watch it, appreciate it, and connect with it in completely different ways from one another.



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